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The complete alarm
ENURAD® 400, the first wireless bedwetting alarm from Enurad AB
in Sweden will solve your childs bedwetting problem.
The alarm in its box   ENURAD® 400
  • is created and manufactured according to the latest within the field of electronics, i.e. without any disturbing wires or harmful currents.
  • has been used by child welfare clinics during a fifteen year period with very positive results.
  • is a swedish product designed and manufactured by ENURAD®AB in Sweden.
  • is approved to the Europan standard ETS 300 220
  • is registred by the National Board of Health and Welfare. 344-1596 23316
  •   The function of ENURAD® 400 bedwetting alarm
    For the night, a wet-sensor is put in the child's pants by a self-adhesive panty-shield. If the child wets him/herself, the wet-sensor is activated and sends a signal to the alarm clock. The bell will then ring until the child wakes up and turns it off.

    Click for a demonstration »
      The components of ENURAD® 400 bedwetting alarm
    A wet-sensor with a built-in radio transmitter, and an alarm clock containing a radio receiver. The distance between the clock and the transmitter ranges from a couple of metres up to 6 metres.
  • The alarm-bell looks like an ordinary alarm clock, and therefore it doesn't draw any unnecessary attention.

  • No wires or mats are needed in the bed or around the body.

  • The moisture sensitive sensor is always correctly placed regardless of how the child lies, i.e. the bell always rings when it should.

  • No allergy evoking materials are used in the sensor and it does not induce any strong electrical currents.

    >>Download instructions for enurad 400 bedwetting alarm as pdf-file
  • ENURAD® 400 Sales and distribution

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    S-442 94 Ytterby
    Phone: +46 (0)303 58400
    Egevej 9
    DK-3400 Hillerød
    MedArt as
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    1168 OSLO
    tlf 22 750121
    Faks 22 750170
    Finland , Balticum & Russia
    Pedihealth OY
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    90230 OULU
    Finland Tel: +358 (0)207 401 330
    Fax: +358 (0)207 401 339



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